Euphoria of breakdown

Tusk, a Canadian rock band formed back in 2016 released their EP ‘Headroom’ back in March 2017. Offering what they call a ‘Wall of sound’, ‘Headroom’ is an EP to blow you away with its tonal variety and mix of genres.

witchpolice radio

TUSK is powerful, you guys. Take a look at this majestic rock wizardry recorded exclusively for the podcast. Hear it (plus another live performance and an interview) on this episode of the show. 

The manitoban

"Seeing TUSK live should be a completely out-of-this-world experience. Judging by Headroom alone, it’s no wonder TUSK has been getting so much attention lately – this is definitely going to be a staple in living rooms, and stationwagons across the city."   5/5
TUSK - The Uniter

The uniter

"If there’s a more quintessential origin story than TUSK’s, it would be tough to find it. Brothers Tyler and Brett Hesford met Eric Jaworski and Colton Unruh through music supply shop Long & McQuade. Jaworski was trying out some guitars when Brett overheard him, came over and invited him to jam..."

listening to winnipeg

"It’s like the old beater your uncle gives you as your first car. Gritty, dirty, probably smells a lot like cigarettes, except the rims. Those are polished. So it sparkles a bit as it drives past, bringing a light touch to a heavy motion and possibly angry sounding song..."

winnipeg music project

"Episode forty-five of the Winnipeg Music Project is with TUSK a local alternative rock band ready to blow your mind! Tyler, Colton and Eric came on to the show and shared stories about their beginnings as a band and their success as friends and performers. We also talked about the diversity of their music and the trouble and positives with labels..."